In the multicultural redlight district of Zurich

Are you in a race to the bottom?

Are you planing to leave the milieu?

Do you need help in your process of changing?

We come along with you!

Change is possible! Move it

Area of work

Our area of work is the multicultural red light district in the city and the canton of Zurich with its shady sides as hustling, human trafficking, addictions and the different forms of exploitation and abuse.
Our focus is on humans of the red light district in desperate and hopeless circumstances, who wish for a change of their situation and supervision on this way.

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Human dignity is... if:

If: Women and children are not treated as animals! Where we can feel the pain of the women... Dignity is, if humans are not traded as sex products! Where we are not living out our sexuality at the expense of others... Dignity is not to whitewash exploitation of humans! Where we are not giving up the fight even if there are a lot of contrary winds... Dignity is to have freedom and help for an exit! Where there are no hopeless cases... Dignity is, if women find other, new perspectives than only to sell themselves! Where heaven is coming to earth and gives back to humans, what had been stolen in the past through violence and abuse by others...

Out of the cage!

In our area of work in the milieu we often meet people, who are trapped in a gilded cage with their problems. Is there a way out? Our answer and personal experience ist: Yes, there is hope for change! What a person alone is not able to do, is possible with coaching and help from outside. Concretly, we accompany people woh have the wish of a change step by step out of the milieu, encourage and support them. Away from illegality to legality!

Hope leads to the goal

In the red light district of Zurich are many hopeless and broken humans, because our past "tatooes us". Each wound and scar needs care until healing is coming. There are a lot of good institutions in the social field. Additionally, we see our task in the counselling and spiritual area, but we don't miss the social aspect. As an ordained pastor with his wife, we see our mission not in church buildings, but where people are, in the streets, bars and so on.