Heartwings is organised as a non-profit organisation. "Non-profit" means to care for social, diaconal and humanitarian tasks.

The funding of our non-profit organisation is provided by sponsoring, donations, supporting contributions by foundations and collections at speeches.

For us it is important to have a transparent handling of all donations. If wished, every donor gets either an immediate acknowledgment or surely an annual acknowledgment and certification for the tax office. Furthermore, every donors gets an annual account and report of our organisation.

Thank you so much for supporting us! We are not having a guaranteed funding. This work is based on trust in God by whom we feel called into this work.

Tax exemptions: Our organisation is accepted as non-profit by the Cantonal Tax Office of Zurich. Therefore all donations can be deducted from taxes.

We would like to thank the public authorities for their trust in us and our work! 

Click here to see the tax exemptions form (german) ...

You may see the following paying information as a facilitation for those who want to support us, not as an application for payment:
Raiffeisenbank Region linker Zürichsee, 8808 Pfäffikon SZ.
Swiftcode: RAIFCH22D56 / PC der Bank: 90-602-2
(The payment slips, on the name of "Raiffeisen Höfe" at Wollerau, are still valid)
In favour of: IBAN: CH96 8135 6000 0083 5410 4
Heartwings Verein Zürich, Langstrasse 62, 8004 Zürich
There is also the possibility to claim for credit slips:

Click here to claim for credit slips by email.

Our accountant, Elisabeth Widmer ...

Elisabeth Widmer worked many years as an accountant for the Theological-Diaconic-Seminar (TDS) in Aarau.
Since her retirement, she has been working volontarly for Heartwings and in its management. She is performing her tasks as a cashier professionally and qualified and is thanking for the incoming donations.
For her it is important to have a transparent and professional handling with donations.

Our controller, Kurt Lendi ...

Kurt Lendi is controller in the Heartwings organisation.
Until he retired, he owned a business in the software sector, that he had established by himself.
In is function as a controller he can use his long lasting experience and competence.