Helping -

Helping, yes, but how?

Human trafficking is a huge and dark subject. Unfortunately, people often look away, when it comes to such hot potatoes. It is important to sensibilize our society to the subject of human trafficking. Everybody can help with this! Below we would like to show some possibilities how we individually and actively can fight against human trafficking.

Everyone can help

  • Get information about this subject in the internet, films, speeches and so on
  • Talk about it with your friends, family members, in your church and so on
  • Support organisations that fight actively against human trafficking and for the victims.
  • Organise an event and invite Heartwings or other suitable speakers.
  • Use social media like Faebook to indicate the subject.

Creative helping

  • Organise a sponsored run, flea market and so on and donate the money to an organisation.
  • Collect money at a birthday party or christmas celebrationfor an organisation.
  • Host a movie night about human trafficking,
  • Make shopping-free month and donate the saved money to an organisation.
  • Organise a flashmob in your town or a big city. Here is an idea:

Pracitcal helping

  • Support relief organisations with donations in kind like clothes, cakes, furniture and so on.
  • Do you have any helpful information about job opportunities or appartement offers? We are often dependent on vitamin B when someone is leaving the milieu!
  • Pray for concerned people, involved organisations and public authorities.