In the beginnings of the nineties, a member of our family died completely unexpected of heroin. Just for a short time in hard drugs and carried off much to early.

For us this was a hard, awakening slap in the face. Why does a close person die and nobody notices?

That was years ago, but is it better today? For us this experience was very dramativ. After this happening we met other people from the drug milieu, who, wished for a change. Our family even hosted one young man for a few months and accompanied him through all the different processes of an addiction escape. Today, this man is married and is helping in an addiction work, beside his job.

In the following "Africa-Time" we experienced a tough school of life, full of adventures and pushing the enevelope. There as well, our hearts were long-drawn to people, whom nobody took care of. Among other things we started a work for women, who worked in the hustling and wished for a change.

Back in Switzerland, we missed this touch to excluded people in my work as a pastor, since they rarely come to church. In our hearts the desire grew to go, where these people are.
Frère Roger from Taizé described this process with this words: "There are people, who -maybe firstly not clear- realize, that the call that God addresses to them, is a mission for their whole life! ... Our life is not guided by coincidences of fate. It gets a meaning, when it is first and foremost a living answer to the call of God."...

This was our starting shot to leave the safe boat and step out on the stormy water. Since 2008, we are on the streets with this newly started work and experience a lot of encouragement.