Facts about Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is the most lucrative branch of the economy in the world. In contrary to drug or arms trading, humans can be sold several times. The barbarity of the modern slavery is not stopping at Europe and is taking place in our nearest neighborhood! It is difficult to tell how many people are affected by human trafficking, because no one knows the exact numbers. Experts guess that 27 to 30 million people are victims of human trafficking worldwide. Alarmingly, almost one third of the concerned are children and unfortunately, the tendency is increasing! These numbers are based on data and calculations from 132 nations and it is assumed, that we can only see the tip of the iceberg yet.

Human Trafficking has several forms

Human trafficking does not only include forced prostitution, but has many different faces:

  • Exploitation of labor
  • Sexual exploitation (forced prostitution)
  • Human trafficking for organ trading
  • Human trafficking for adoption
  • Forced marriage

How is human trafficking going on?

Slave traders exploit the economic and social distress of humans out of so called emerging and developing nations by making false promises. The concerned people are driven by hope for a better life, engage with the false promises and become victims of brutal crimes!

Systematically, young people are attracted and systematically, they are driven in a state of dependence, which they can not leave on their own anymore. They are often offered to have a career as a model or work in the gastronomy or they assume to work independently in prostitution where they are going to earn a lot of money. But the dream of a beautiful life abroad is often already becoming a nightmare on the journey, because the slave traders take the passports, threaten, beat and rape the victims!

When they arrive in their target nation, the victims are taken in brothels or similar places and have to work there against their will. The travel expenses are used to apply pressure and the concerned are told that they have to pay back their depts. Again and again women are sold further, beaten and raped. Because of the many change of places and barriers of language, women are helpless and alone. Because of their missing papers, those affected arei llegally in the country and they are scared to go to the police, because they fear deportation or corruption. The pressure from the male and female pimps is big as well. They threaten to lay their hands on the families of the victims, if they are not doing what they are supposed to do or the victims are drugged to be "calmed down".

Consequences for the victims

The consequences from the constant rapings and experiences of violence are huge! For us, it is not imaginable, what victims are undergoing and suffering from. The following are just a few of the psychic and physical consequences:

  • Pain from the beatings
  • Diseases, especially sexual diseases
  • Loss of identity
  • Withdrawal symptoms from the drugs
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Low self-worth
  • Instability
  • Depressions
  • Isolation

Combating human trafficking

Combating human trafficking

Combating human trafficking/ forced prostitution is difficult, because everything is hidden and organized. One of the most important problems is, that victims do not want to report the crimes. The victims are traumatized and intimidated, so that they do not want to report against the slave traders. They are under a lot of pressure and for fear they do not say anything. Rather they deny to have a pimp when talking to the police or other authorities. But there is more and more witness protection for the ones who want to talk and the victims are taken care of and stabilized, so that they can make a clear witness statement.