We work interdenominational and see us as complementary knot in a network. This consists of institutions, organisations, associationss and so on in Zurich. We appreciate professional expertise.

Here are some helpful links:
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"Hope for Zurich" by OM ...

"Christian Eastmission"

GlowbalAct. This organisation has the goal to show each person the possibilities to enable the freedom of others.

The Zurich information center about migration and trafficking of women (FIZ)

The projekt "Resgate" that helps victims of human trafficking from South America to return to their home country.

"Dreamcenter" in L.A., where Peter Widmer has learned a lot about working in the milieu.

Homepage of Philippe Dexourroux, a musician. Philippe and his wife Jocelyne were in the milieu with us and gave away his CDs. His expressive songs and clips give an awakening image of the sad reality of international women trafficking.

The organisation MISSION FREEDOM from Hamburg has the wish to give victims of human trafficking a new perspective for their lifes and to help in practical ways to enable their new start into the future. They have for example a safe house, where women have the opportunity to become stronger before starting their new lifes.

European Freedom Network has the goal to support an effective teamwork of European organisations that work against human trafficking.

Make an anonymous report about a crime within the range of human trafficking an sexual abuse...

The organisation EFN (European Freedom Network) raises awareness about human trafficking.

"Don't shut your eyes", a video by EFN about human trafficking.