Loverboys -

What is a loverboy?

Loverboys are men that pretend to have a love attachment to a young girl to allure her into prostitution. They act according to a very perfidious schema. They approach the girls, mostly in front of the school, at parties, in the shopping center or in the internet, and schmooze them with compliments and presents. As soon as the young girls have completely fallen in love with their new boyfriend, the men show their true colors. Firstly, the offender starts to alienate the girls from their families and friends. This way, an even deeper connection arises between the girl and the loverboy, which is shamelessly misused. Soon the loverboy tells the girl, that it is normal to sleep together. Later, it is "common" as well, that the girl has to sleep with loverboy's friends. After that, various ways are used to draw the girl completely into prostitution. From pretending a shortage of money to imagining a future together, crazy stories are told to make the girl participates into everything. From this moment on, there is no way back and the loverboys are doing whatever they want with the victims. If the girls do not want anymore, threats are spoken and they are forced to take drugs. Also violence is appearing on the agenda!

How to identify loverboys:

The following points can be hints for a loverboy's victim:

  • Bruises (especially on the arm or back)
  • Permanent tiredness and a loss of weight
  • Drugs and alcohol abuse
  • A tendecy for running away
  • Depressions
  • Strong mood swings
  • School grades are going down rapidly
  • Frequently absent from school without permission
  • Frequent and very long showering
  • Insecurity and a low self-esteem
  • No individual identity, easily manipulable
  • Change of cloth styling (extremly sexy) and using a lot of make-up
  • Spending a lot of money on cloths
  • Stealing to get money for cloths and drugs
  • Aggressive behaviour against family and friends
  • In possession of various mobile phones and prepaid-cards
  • Receiving many text messages
  • Secretly phoning
  • Contact to a lot older boys
  • Is brought to school and picked up by older boys
  • Suddenly does not want any contact to people, that are actually loved
  • Can not talk about things, that have happend or is telling the own story as if it is about another person.

There could be other reasons for such changes of behaviour. But if several symptoms are visible, it is possible that the person has become the victim of a loverboy. If this happens, you can try to talk to the person concerned, but mostly they won't talk. That's why it is recommended to look for help with an organization.