Would you like to broaden you mind?

We are excited about invitations to conferences, in churches, communities, schools, associations, youth-alliances, companies, synagogues, mosques and so on ;-) in Switzerland and abroad! We work interdenominational and do not have any fears of contacts! We speak German and English.

We organise fascinating and inspiring speeches about apsects of working in the red light district with depth, which may have a preventive and catching effect. The inputs are supported by clips and pictures. Hot potatoes such as international human trafficking, internet porn, sexual abuse, addictions and so on are spoken about openly.
But hope for change is outbalancing and gives perspective for the future!

As a pastor I offer refreshing preachings in various churches and denominations.

We don not ask for a fix charge. But our work in the red light district is only possible with sponsoring, donations, collections and supporting contributions. Our clients from the milieu can not pay us and until now, we do not get any support by the state.
Thank you for your invitations and financial supporting!

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Info table with books, art cards and information brochures

At our speeches we have a rich info table with a lot of material about the subject concerned, such as brochures, newsletters, books, stickers and so on.

We also have beautiful art cards with reproductions of Dorothée's paintings.